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Stop worrying about your business infrastructure and instead grow your business.

In-house administrators are expensive and seem to really only shine when there is an emergency. So why not lower your costs by having a dedicated team on retainer, NetZilla is the answer.

Cloud Management

Cloud Management

We are experts at all things cloud, no matter the situation we can help you keep and maintain your resources.

Our Cloud Solutions


Save costs by implementing automation for simple tasks such as billing, or customer support.

Automate Your Work
Data Security

Data Security

Protect your assets, and customer data. We can harden your servers and online resources to stop attacks.

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Emergency Response

Emergency Response

Everything fails, even the cloud. We are here 24 hours a day and will be on your case before you even contact us.

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DevOps Can Very Expensive.

lower price
We lower costs with plans starting at just $110/mo
System administrators are a must-have for any business that relies in an online resource. Downtimes of even an hour or so can be devastating to months of hard work and effort that your company has put in. Why do so many companies fore go this resource? Most companies simply can't afford a qualified devops team.

Most smaller companies will only "need" devops for certain periodic tasks and in case of emergencies. At NetZilla we spread out the expensive costs of devops across multiple clients, you pay only for the time that you need us.

The Cost of in-house devops.

US Average Salary:
$100,000/yr ($8,333/mo)

Entry level Salary:
$65,000/yr ($5,416/mo)

DevOps Full Service Plans

Cloud Management

Infrastructure Team

24 hour team that will take care of any infrastructure needs and all emergencies.


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  • Our Business monitoring and intervention plan » here
  • Server hardening and security threat testing.
  • Daily vulnerability scans
  • Security patching and oversight
  • Cloud & traditional server deployments
  • Data migration & debugging

Do you only need us in case of emergencies? No problem check out our monitoring and intervention plans to see how we can protect your current resources. See Pricing on Monitoring Page


Development Superhero

Actual dedicated devops for your business without the high costs of hiring in-house.


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  • Our Business monitoring and intervention plan » here
  • Continuous Integration scripting.
  • Secured development & staging environments.
  • Full access to all shared runners and servers.
  • Auto-scaling Continuous Integration to scale to any size.
  • Repository data backup and contingency plans.
  • On-site meeting and collaboration with development teams
  • Direct 24 hour direct line to your dedicated devops manager.

Our "Infrastructure Only" Features

Companies that generally will benefit from this type of service are those that have mission critical resources online. A good rule of thumb is to ask yourself "If the Internet was gone tomorrow would we be fine?" If the answer is no, then this would benefit your company.

Cloud Management

Cloud Management

We are experts on all things cloud. We can deploy manage and optimize any resources you might have on Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, or Microsoft Azure. This allows for exponential growth without headache.

Quick Deployments

Semi-Automated Deployments

Using various tools we have created we can quickly deploy new servers and resources as they are needed. This allows you to grow without having to worry about capacity or bottlenecks.

Cost Optimization

Cost Optimization

Most people are paying far too much money for their server needs and other online resources. We will help you cut costs significantly sometimes saving you more than the monthly cost of our services.

Emergency response

Emergency On-Call

In conjunction with your 24/7 monitoring our entire administration team will be notified instantly of any issues with your infrastructure no matter how small and will investigate, and solve them.

Data Security

Data Security

Losing control of your data can ruin your business, nothing is more important. We will harden your servers performing daily security and penetration testing for your resources.

Migration services

Migrate Data

Moving data from one location to the next it is filled with risks, even resources on the cloud are risked during such changes. We will not only minimize downtime, but will transfer data safely.

And anything else you might need.

This is a full service plan, it means that any other services that would fall under your infrastructure will be managed and taken care of for you. Simply tell us what you want done and it happens.

Our "Development Superhero" Features

This plan is meant for development companies that want to leverage automation and version control to vastly reduce costs, and increase productivity. We make use of a multitude of techniques and open source software to allow you to have cost effective and efficiently running teams.

Git system

Private Git Repos

We can usually transition you to a git environment that is inexpensive and secured without your development team having to make any major changes to their work habits or flow. Usually saving you several hundred a month.

Dedicated DevOps Member

Dedicated DevOps

You will have a dedicated liaison from our DevOps who will be tasked with knowing every aspect of your team and their work flow. This will eliminate any confusion and hiccups in normal remote teams.

Continuous Integration

Continuous Integration

We will automate the testing of any changes your team commits while developing. This ensures that their work passes validation without the need for additional oversight, all taking place automatically.

Auto-scaling resources

Auto-scaled Testing.

We can set up your CI testing to scale with your needs by using various cloud services. Infinite server scaling means no more idle servers, and no more waiting for busy services lowering your developer's wasted time.

Shared Servers

Shared or Private

We will be able to set up inexpensive private CI instances for each of your CI processes or you can even utilize our expansive CI testing resources at no additional cost saving you thousands a month.

Staging Points

Staging Points

We host unlimited staging points for each branch of your development stage, staging points for pre-production, and automatic deployment to your production as well. All automatically done.

Everything for one single price

This service includes all the resources needed to launch your business forward and also the qualified personnel needed to automate everything. Your code is built privately and secured making sure you are safe.

Let Us Automate Your Company's Work flow

Automation is the future of any company. It drastically reduces the costs of running your business. Some of the companies we have built out automation solutions for have seen not only greatly reduced costs but also greatly increased customer satisfaction and productivity.

NetZilla built out an automation system for E Marketing a company based in San Clemente, CA who was drowning in customer issues and repair requests. 4 employees working full time were not able to catch up, actually they were falling farther behind. The system that NetZilla built out was able to catch up over a thousand customer issues and repair requests within a week completed by a single employee.

We can help you build and deploy solutions for your business that can replace most low-skill low-level workers in your business allowing a small team the ability to manage and grow to size that operates on a global scale. Below are some of the most common automation solutions we can deploy and manage:

Business Monitoring & Intervention

See Pricing on Monitoring Page