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Our Refund Policy

Describing legal documents in non-legalese is fraught with potential for misinterpretation. Notwithstanding the text that follows, the actual text of the terms of service itself is legally binding and authoritative. That said, here's what the terms of service says in layman's terms:


Most of our hosting packages come with a 30 day money back garuntee. When your refund is processed you will be given the remainder of your paid time back minus any services used and extras that can't be refunded. Examples of these are: the amount of time the hosting has been running, domains, SSL certificates, and worked hours (development, management).


Monitoring has the same 30 day money back garuntee, but understand any time spent by the staff setting up or configuring your monitoring solution for you will be substracted from the refund total.

Development and Design.

If you conclude that our fixed rate developement or design services do not meet your expectations, you are able to get full or partial refund dependent on the development progress status before the development is finished:

Development or design that is billed hourly almost always costs less in total than fixed rate plans. Keeping this in mind hourly billing is non-refundable but we will however work quickly to resolve any bugs, or faults in our code directly caused by our team.


Any fees paid towards services are non-refundable. These include but aren't limited to NetZilla Premium, Marketing, any credits accumulated in your account, after-hours support, consulting and any other non-tangible items. Nevertheless, we assure you of the highest service quality and guarantee to make every effort to meet your expectations.

External services.

Many of our clients like to have all their online resources all in one spot, and will have us not only manage but consolidate their bills from these services all down to a single invoice. Any payments for external services are non-refundable. If that external service qualifies for a refund from that specific provider we would be happy to pass the amount refunded back to you if and when the payment amount is returned to us.