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Are you interested in deploying your companies resources to the cloud?
First take a moment to assess your needs and see if it really is the right move for your company.


Most companies that completely move all resources to the cloud dump massive amounts of resources into something that they would be able to get for a mere fraction of the cost. We recently setup a system for a client that costs them $380/mo in server costs. Getting the same resouces from the top 3 cloud companies would have cost them several magnetudes more each month. Below is a chart showing how it would compare. Keep in mind all prices from each provider are the resources that closest resemble what they get from us.

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There are very specific uses of when you would want to use cloud based resources. The majority of the time we advocate for smaller businesses to use a hybrid of traditional/cloud resources. This allows you to have the best of both world without breaking the bank.

Amazon Web Services

We ourselves have resources on AWS and have an extensive knowledge of their resources and systems. We can get you up and running on aws easily. Normal support for AWS using which has phone support and responses within a day is based on usage in the above example support would have cost our client **731.12/mo**

Google Cloud

Google cloud is the newest player in the cloud game but they are giving everyone a run for their money. Probably the best economical choice when it comes to the cloud providers. We ourselves use many of the google cloud services. Comparative support on google cloud is also usage based but in the above example they would pay the minimum, which is $400.00/mo.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft, belive it or not, isn't the best location to get windows based cloud resources. Nevertheless, it is an option many use due to the intergrations that azure has with commercial microsoft products. Their support option that provides a compariable level of service to NetZilla's is the $300.00/mo plan with a 6 month minimum.

With NetZilla Cloud support, we would cover all 3 cloud providers for a flat fee of $200/mo. This includes setup, troubleshooting, billing, and emergencies.
Support is provided via email and phone. Get NetZilla Cloud support for $250/mo