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We create tested, secure, and working code for your website in less time and for less money.

A streamlined deployment and teamwork system means the changes you want are implemented faster than other developers.

A common problem with independent developers and most firms is that they will say it takes a week and then they will take 3 weeks. Even then, sometimes there are bugs and issues that the developer has to sort out after the project is "done." We can scale up our team on your project without sacrificing quality or the integrity of the code. Additional oversight also means you get a quality product the first time.

The bottom line: We will get your project done, faster, and with less mistakes than what you're used to. This in turn means less headache and costs for you.

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Every change made to our projects and our client's projects follow this same flow. It ensures that you receive a quality product every single time we make changes no-matter how large or small the project is.

We use a distributed version control system to effectively and quickly build your projects.

Using VCS allows multiple people to work on the same project with no risk in data loss and no compromises in quality. Every change we make is saved along with all previous versions. Our interface makes it easy for you to see and understand what changes have been made to your project. This makes it easy to safely implement improvements without affecting your customers. Additionally, every time an individual developer makes a change to any code it is tested for bugs before it can be combined with others work.

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Everything is continually tested for bugs, compatibility, and security.

Every change we make is tested for bugs in the code. This means that you know it will work when it finally reaches your customers. Then it is tested for compatibility. Know that your programs will work on every browser and every device. We can test for nearly any type of code and combination.

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See all changes in a virtual reproduction of your website before making it live.

You want to be in control, and you are. Before anything is sent to your live site/project you go over the improvements that have been made in one of our test servers. We make a complete copy of your working code and deploy it in a hidden location for you to review and approve before deployment.

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Your project is then tested for possible exploits that are common with untested code.

Your code is scanned for any security threats daily. This ensures that your data and customers remain safe with the new changes we make, protecting you from most exploits that hackers could use to get access to your site and customer data. On top of all of these safety measures, before every deployment to your customers, a project manager manually goes over the changes to make sure everything works as it should.

Hourly and Fixed pricing is available. Simply contact us to have an account manager send you a zero-obligation quote. Contact us via phone or email.