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Lost money

Site Acceleration

We will analyze your site and find every possible solution to speed it up.

Lost money

Slow Sites Kill Profits!

The speed at which your site finishes loading directly correlates to your bottom line. This statement comes from dozens of internal studies and external observations. Here are some key notes

The bottom line is that "the faster your site loads the more money you make". Most say "I'm just a small business, it doesn't matter" It certainly does. We are willing to bet you yourself follow the exact same patterns. When you visit a site and it takes longer than about 5 seconds to load do you stay and wait or do you just close it and do something else? You most likely move on, just like the majority of people. This problem is universal to every industry: restaurants, construction, salons all of them lose customers if their site is slow.

We have tested the websites of 200 businesses in our own backyard, the Salt Lake City Valley. Most of these large and small businesses were hosting on "easy website builders" or hosting with companies that overcrowd their servers this resulted in predicable results.

The average response time for sites in Utah was 9 seconds to load the homepage!

This means that you are losing about half of your possible customers that once had an interest in your business, all because you had a very slow site.

Lost money

We Have The Solution

We will analyze your site and find every possible solution to speed up your site. Some changes will be easy and you'll see instant improvement in the speed of your site. Others may require drastic changes in the infrastructure of your online presence. No matter the proposed solution our changes will increase the longevity of users on your site which in turn produces more income for your busines.